Custom Fasteners

OEM2FASTEN supplies special orders with no problem. Special orders and custom fasteners are our specialty. Call and speak to us 1.800.663.6554
Metric or inch special fasteners, custom requirements and non standards is what we do.

Nuts, Bolts & Screws cut & thread to custom specifications in all metals, materials and sizes. Hex head bolts or a square head bolts, security pin, tamper proof, 12 point head bolts in stainless steel, grade 2, grade 5, grade 8 or better including grade 8.8, grade 10.9 and grade 12.9 and over

Really long bolts and extra big hex nuts threaded to your special sizes. We are also excellent at the very small screws and hex nuts for precision fastener use.

Sizes start at micro screw sizes are 000-120, 00-90, 0-80, 1-64, 2-56, 4-40 and 4-48, these are available in special heads and stainless steel, brass, and metal.

Big bolts and large diameter fasteners with short or long lengths.

Socket Cap Screws and allen bolts are available in standard head, button head low profile head and flat head, but, if you have a special head style we can do provide those as well.

We have an excellent supply and source of special fasteners in special materials including stainless steel, non magnetic stainless and non conductive fasteners. Fiberglass washers, hex nuts and caps crews including fiberglass nuts and bolts for use in technical apparatus.

Technical fasteners for use in science, space and clean rooms are supplied by Vented screws or bolts with holes in them for use as plugs or valves are supplied by us.

Call for assistance, we are here to help. If we can’t supply it we’ll point you in the right in the right direction.

email: phone: 1.800.663.6554


Custom Fasteners